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I, Daniel Cox, who few will have heard of, was born in 1939 in England. I am married with four children and nine grandchildren. My wife is a constant support and helpmeet personifying PROVERBS 31 v 10 – 31. Soundly converted in 1955, I became a “preacher of righteousness” soon after and have remained one ever since. Pre-charismatic old time Pentecostal holiness would best describe my theological position. My ministry has been long (more than sixty years) and varied, involving pastoring, teaching, church planting in more than a dozen countries. Ten years of taking seminars for African pastors in East and Central Africa were in the mix. Experiences in Rwanda just before and right after the genocide there will be shared in Subject 8, “We’re Outa Here”. Other experiences both challenging, poignant and a tiny bit Pauline in their aspects of adventure will be shared where appropriate. There will be the constant endeavour to honour the Lord who has redeemed this poor sinner, filled him with the Holy Spirit and called him to be His servant, surely the greatest honour that can be bestowed on any member of Adam’s fallen race. Do “log on” and be prepared to be provoked and challenged by assertions not commonly presented and certainly not in the “comfort zone” so desired by the vast majority of so called great names and their deluded followers.  

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