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To many Christians, even some who are sincere lovers of God's word, the Book of the Revelation is a “No Go” area. “Too mysterious, difficult to understand, having a chronology impossible to fathom”, are just a few of the comments heard, and also the reason why many have closed the book, never to open it again. This is a great loss to an understanding of the End Days, as almost all of John's Revelation covers this period, which is the time in which we live. Your writer began to study the book in earnest about forty five years ago, and in more recent years, a chapter read every day has brought great blessing and an ongoing enlightenment. This, of course, has formed part of regular Bible study. What better way to begin every day that the Lord has made for us to rejoice and be glad in, than to spend blessed time in God's Holy Word. The more these studies progressed, the conviction grew, that a Commentary on John's Revelation would be welcome if it was written in a style that would bless and enlighten the majority of Christians. Whether this endeavour has been successful, can be judged by reading our commentary available on this site as an e.Book.


During the period of the completion of the commentary, another conviction grew. This was to present a series of You Tube presentations covering almost all of the Book of the Revelation, chapter by chapter. These presentations would be around thirty minutes in duration, and would form the basis of our site These preached studies would be added to our site as each ministry is completed.




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